5 Things to Know

5 Things to Know About St. James Religious Education for June: 

#1 Mass Attendance During Summer? 
Yes, for students currently in 1st, 7th and 8th grade, we are still doing Mass attendance over summer.  For many of the older students (or at least the parents of those students), who have been with our parish for a while or when their children went through First Communion here with Fr. Dionne, we did Mass attendance through the summer.  Fr. Jerome has asked that it be continued.  Please know, just like you all, we too are also traveling as well and for some of us we too have children who are doing Mass attendance as well.  We are traveling this process with you so we do fully understand the challenges we are presented. 

Mostly the reasons come down to two why Mass attendance is continued through the summer:
1. Students have established a habit of filling them out and it helps keep things consistent
2. If we tell everyone they do not have to do it, it also sends a message that Mass isn’t important during the summer months or the thought that “no school also means no Mass”. 

We greatly appreciate those who have asked about the Mass attendance and have asked that we clarify.      

#2 2017-18 Faith Formation Registration
It is underway and new this year:  online registration.  Here is the link to direct you to registering.
Website: http://www.saintjamescatholic.org/2017-18-faith-formation-registration
If you do not want to sign up online, contact the parish office, Maritza Torres, maritzat@saintjamescatholic.org or 704-720-0600x32 for form.  If families in need of registering for SPRED (Special Needs Religious Education for ages 6 to adults; for more information click on link: http://www.saintjamescatholic.org/SPRED), Step Up in Faith (sacramental prep for grades 3-11th grade – those needing baptism and/or First Communion and Confirmation) and in need of Financial Tuition Assistance/Payment Plans contact Maritza. 

#3 Vacation Bible School:  Maker Fun Factory is coming in June!
For all rising 1st-5th grade, online registration available at http://www.saintjamescatholic.org/vacation-bible-school

#4 Totus Tuus coming back for its 8th year!
Do you need a mid-summer program for your children?  Totus Tuus, at the heart of our Blessed Mother, comes to St. James for its 8th year of 4 missionaries (college students) visit for the week to offer true, authentic teachings to our young people.  Our day program is for 1st-6th grade and our evening program is for 7th-12th grade.  Come join us.  Register at http://www.saintjamescatholic.org/totus-tuus

#5 Fatima Resources

Some parents have reached out and have shared (and I greatly appreciated that they did), that they did not know much about Fatima and missed the movie night that Religious Education did on May 8. 

Appreciating the honesty to ask and the recognizing the desire to learn more, here are some Fatima-related resources that are available 24/7 on FORMED.org.  These resources are FREE.  Just go to www.FORMED.org and develop your log-in and password.  You will be asked for a parish code which is: 4B4JYE. 


Program: The Bible and the Virgin Mary
Programa: La Biblia y la Virgen María
Program: Divine Mercy, Episode 6: Fatima
Program: Divine Mercy, Episode 7: The Secret of Divine Mercy
Video: Finding Fatima
Video: Ocean of Mercy
Video: Religious Mysteries: Children of Prophecy
Video: The 13th Day
Video: The Day the Sun Danced
Vídeo: Los Niños y el Sol
Book: Fatima for Today
Libro: Fatima para Hoy
Audio: Mary: Handmaid of the Lord
Audio: Our Lady of Fatima

Our next Fatima Rosary as a parish will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 7 p.m. at the Rosary Garden.  You are more than welcome to come join us.  Just bring a rosary. WE had an amazing turnout at our May 13 gathering, so invite and ask others to join us.