Parish - Meeting Room Booking Information

Check Meeting Room and Parish Hall availability with the following Meeting Room calendar.  This calendar covers the entire St. James Campus.


Geiger Hall

Geiger Hall has the following rooms available:

  • Geiger Hall (Main Hall)
  • Large Classroom
  • Small Classroom

 Gill Hall

 Gill Hall has the following rooms available:

  • McGivney Hall
  • John Boscoe Room (Youth Room)
  • OLPH Room (Large Classroom)
  • St. Gerard Room (Small Classroom)

Parish Office

The Parish Office/Pre-School has the following rooms available:

  • Conference Room/Library
  • Kitchen
  • Pre-School Classrooms

 Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall

Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall has the following rooms available:

  • Assembly Hall (Main Hall)
  • Classroom 1
  • Classroom 2
  • Classroom 3
  • Classroom 4
  • Meeting Room 1
  • Meeting Room 2
 If you would like to reserve a classroom, meeting room, or the Parish Hall for your Parish event, please review the Meeting Room Scheduler Calendar for available dates and times.
Please contact the Parish Office to schedule your event @ 704-720-0600

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Guidelines:

These guide lines are established for all ministries to follow. It pertains to the use of ALL parish meeting locations- Parish Office Locations, Gill Hall Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall, and Geiger Hall Classrooms. The special needs of the large Parish Hall Meeting Room/Kitchen and Gill Hall Knights Room/Kitchen are documented in the Ministry Event Guidelines of the Leadership Handbook.
You are expected to leave any meeting rooms the same way you found it: CLEAN.
Below are check lists to help you remember the key items to address. Cleaning supplies are available for all to share so that the rooms are always clean and ready to go. Do not be afraid to use them.
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