Catholic Documentaries: A Night at the Movies

Join us once a month on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at Gill Hall in McGivney Hall for a night at the movies to watch a Catholic documentary. 

Our featured movies:

January 17   RESCHEDULED FOR WED., FEB. 7, 7:00 P.M. GILL HALL 
Drop Box

One frigid winter, a pastor finds an abandoned infant on his church steps and builds a heated hatch to rescue others.  The Drop Box documentary tells the true story of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect abandoned children.  It is a story about the forgotten, the disabled, the discarded, and the man who gives everything to protect them.  Screening time:  77 minutes.  Not rated.  

February 21
The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
Based on the remarkable true story of World War II hero Irena Sendler, who rescued over 2,500 Jewish children during the German occupation of Poland.  As a social worker, Irena had access to the Warsaw ghetto making it possible for her to rescue the daughter of a Jewish friend and safely hide the young girl with a Catholic family.  At great personal risk, she devised extraordinary schemes to sneak the children by Nazi guards.  Sendler not only saved thousands of lives, but also countless generations of their descendants.  Screening time: 95 minutes.  

March 14
The Six Miracles of Calvary
Almost 2,000 years ago, extraordinary things happened at Calvary that modern science and human reasoning consider impossible.  A midday sky turned dark; the veil in the temple suddenly split; an earthquake shook the land; graves opened; Jesus' graveclothes were found undisturbed; and saints rose to life and walked the streets of Jerusalem.  This documentary looks historically and reflectively at these remarkable events surrounding the death and resurrection of Christ.  In interviews with leading scholars, the meaning and purpose of each occurrence is examined, highlighting its significance to Christ's suffering and relevance to the challenges faced by those who follow him. Screening time:  70 minutes. 

April 18 
Extreme Mercy II
From run-away teen to Marian priest, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, has inspired thousands of people around the world with his amazing conversion story, which he tells with an unmistakable zeal for the priesthood and devotion to Our Lady.  This documentary combines Fr. Donald's incredible witness to God's mercy presented to a live audience at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA, with in-depth, personal interviews in which he covers important aspects of his life and faith.  Discover why Divine Mercy is for all of us at all times, especially in the most difficult situations. View the dynamic Marian priest as he shares in riveting detail his exceptional conversion.  Screening time:  120 minutes (2 hours); Special feature.  

May 16
The Story of the Twelve Apostles
What happened to Jesus' inner circle of followers?  They started out as average, unexceptional men of their time:  fishermen, farmers, local magistrates.  But their dedication to a prophetic Jewish preacher in the backwaters of the Roman Empire transformed them into revolutionaries and changed the world itself in ways that would reverberate across time for two thousand years.  This features inspiring, astonishing stories of the little-known men who became The Twelve Apostles.  Screening time:  100 minutes.   

June 20
The Inquisition
Discover how the Church actually handled witchcraft, heretics, Galileo's theory and more, as historians cut through the controversies surrounding The Inquisition.  Complete interviews and dramatic reenactments filmed on-location in Europe.  This EWTN Original Mini-Series exposes how propaganda influenced today's modern-day perceptions of the Inquisition, while also bringing to light its true actions and intent.  Screening time:  120 minutes (2 hours); Special feature.  

July 18 
The Way of Saint James 
Also known as the "Camino de Santiago," the Way of St. James, which is the ancient route leading from Pyrenees to the famous and ancient shrine of Santiago de Compostela, this documentary follows the journey of several pilgrims who differ in culture and religious faith, united only by a mysterious attraction towards the same spiritual destination.  It is the most famous pilgrimage in the world.  Screening time:  105 minutes.  

August 15
About Miracles
This documentary features four dramatic, true stories about modern day miracles.  Told by the actual people involved and featuring gripping reenactments, these stories will amaze you  as they strengthen your faith.  Life is dangerous.  Complicated. Mysterious.  In an age where God is no longer the central focus, the modern mind often prefers scientific arguments to explain life experiences.   About Miracles offers the facts surrounding these true stories and concludes that sometimes...the only logical explanation is God.  Screening time:  59 minutes.