Middle School Faith Formation

Faith Formation Registration will be open from April 1st-June 30th.

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*Registration for Year 2 Confirmation Students ONLY

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Taking the foundation and formation of PK-5, Middle School catechesis draws from the building blocks of learning to introduce the Catholic teachings in a semester-based module.  With relevancy in mind to a precocious adolescent, St. James uses Edge, written by Life Teen International.  It focuses on faith in an adolescent world.  Concentrating on the adolescent mind, the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational and spiritual maturation of adolescents is applied when presenting our faith.  Directing them right where they are, Edge curriculum highlights the foundational building block (scope & sequence learning) to form young people in the areas of their faith through taking what they learned and the ability to reflect, process and articulate through small group learning which helps build up community. 

A combination of both youth ministry and faith formation, Edge pronounces their 3-semester approach in a solid framework suggested by our U.S. Catholic Bishops.  Semester themes include Creed, Church (magisterium and history), sacraments, prayer, Scripture and social justice.  With the combination of catechetical themes, Edge begins to form the adolescences in the relevancy of issues they are dealing with by presenting special nights called Issue Nights (peer pressure, social media, popularity, drugs/alcohol) along with building up community through socials that are faith-based themed. 

Classes are offered:
Sundays, 6:10-7:40 p.m.
Thursdays, 5:30-6:45 p.m. (Hydrate)

Confirmation Preparation     
Confirmation Preparation at St. James is a two-year process (approximately 18 months) as indicated by the Diocese of Charlotte.  Confirmation Preparation begins in one’s 7th grade year (Year 1).  Year 1 must be completed along with its requirements to begin 8th grade year (Year 2).  Please see the Confirmation tab for additional information under the Sacraments menu. 

For middle school faith formation questions, contact:
Chris Conrad
& Beth Giddings